street art

street art

is just a site with mainly street-views, small and big,  just with not so much of comments.

enjoy !

gustav II. adolph, sitting on his high-horse while the lady in the lower position is also pointing towards the lower parts of his body . finally ! thanks to some street-artists !

this funny peace unfortunately disappeared from the tunnel at hornsberg thanks to overeager city-cleaning. so here is the only museum now

greek beauties in pipers garden, scheelegatan , bus 52

do we ?

painting bought at ”myrorna” , a christian second-hand shop, for 20euro, just to have the fine frame. in the background a goldframe-shop at upplandsgatan near odenplan. the area around odenplan , though not being part of the cruising-maps , is a genuine strolling area for hunters and shoppers in antique and second-hand. you can find stuff for reasonable prices, sometimes reaally cheap and negociacable.

street art in the sense of a beutifull building taken on a sketch-pad in the bus

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