stories 2

riding the busses myself I listen to the public service radio. the programm for the young-ones is called metropol, on 93.80 mhz.

a typical story of segregation and the hardship for young people was casted in metropols  programm of sanna bråding presenting a new artist called ”trofast” which could be translated steady in belief. this young guy came from a small village near kalmar, had skipped gymnasium because he was tired of school and wanted to do music. he put his music on the computer-and webbwindows stood on small stages and built up a fan club. went to stockholm and just lived in illegal shops cause he could not get an apartment, lived in industrial locations, lived in kind of cupboards in whatsoever can be regarded as home or place.  he is burning for doing music, has been a breakdancer before.  he is so pushing through and really made it to the charts and got a record contract !  wish him luck.

likewise pittbull started on södermalm.

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