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very good libanese restarant, reasonable prices, between Sveavägen and Luntmakargatan  rådmannsgatan ?) 

on Sveavägen between crossing Odengatan and crossing Kungsgatan you find the widest choice of bars , pubs, chain restaurants, sushi, kebab, pizza, nacho, including some places with cheaper beer like lions or dovas.

then some places with some kind of athmosphere which you can check through the big shopwindows.  avoid places with no menue outside. favorise places with eather menue-prices or beer-prices outside.

going out in the evening for a low-budget-traveller is quite a task. like I said in ”eatn`n drink” its important to split drinking and eating. for just not to talk about music and dancing, thats the hardest part. there are many well earning young-folks who dominate the scene even if they also go through those humiliating rituals of queueing , being gate-whatched, being forced to leave jackets and coats before they can even pay the high entrance fees and expensive drinks. you might hit upon some black clubs but those clubs are spread via telephone, twitter etc. there are some reliable places for musicc and dance. one is wirrströms in the old town, stora nygatan, for live-music . and thats tuesday to saturday from 21h. for dance its stockholms salsa dance at adolph fredriks kyrkogatan. near sveavägen. you can go in there after 21h for dance and music for 60kr plus, if needed wardrobe. so you may compose your strolls. a pretty good stroll is now between FHP fridhemsplan and scheelegatan. you can have good sushi at the corner of lilla capri at Polhemsgatan and a subway(croque monsieur shop) and a very small sushi near near Scheelegatan-crossing..

on that stroll you don´t meet club and music.

I give you another stroll thats not in the maps . thats on sveavägen between kungsgatan and odengatan. or vice versa. you find dovas there,for cheap beer, you find adolph- frederiks- kyrkogatan for the salsa, find many sofa-cafees , tacco-places. close to odengatan you find havanna, a place you an dance latino in the cellar.

ACE  Sveavägen 36  ( metro-station Hötorget or bus 1 ,  near crossing Kungsgatan)   20-03h on friday and saturday there is  indy-pop-musicclub. its free entry before 22h

every wednesday :”who run the world ?”, bar brooklyn, debaser strand, hornstull strand 4.  spontaneous dancing not impossible . check map 1 , its bus 40 that passes by closest (Hornstull) or 66

BERNS has been a traditionell saloon, august strindberg was there. now its a meeting of the trendy-ones , sometimes great life-artists like nina hagen. fridays and saturdays free entry untill 22.00 clock. its at berzelli park / Nybroplan across the Royal Theatre / Dramaten . its on map 1 and map 2 . its bus 52 or 76 .

every wednesday at bar Brooklyn, debaser strand, Hornstulls strand 4, who run the World ? near Hornstull, bus 4, 40 , 66, 77

marie laveau, range of club nights, Hornsgatan 66, bus 66, bus 4 Rosenlundsgatan , then walk

Ace, indieclub at Sveavägen 36, metro Hötorget, bus 1, coming at 22h bests pice or gratis. weekends


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