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ODP Odenplan   DGB Djurgårdsbron  SKA Skansen  RMT Räntmästartrappan

FHP fridhemsplan


a simple roundtour containing a small ferryboat-trip

from odenplan clockwise:

67 takes you to karlavägen  and karlaplan , the quarter östermalm built in the end of 19th century with the streets of paris and the drawings of baron haussman as modell. karlaplan is the center from where streets go out like rays of a star while karlavägen is the main-axis of a rectangular street net. its a wide boulevard with a greenstroke in the middle. shop-windows and boutiques offering fashion, art, furnishing on bourgeois level. some boutiques supply the royal court. östermalm was thougt to fullfill the needs  of an uppcoming middleclass after industrialisation and trade in the second half of the 19th century.

over to skansen the open-air-museum. skansen is worth the money …. if you give it a whole day . the area is vast and contains former urban and rural living.

if you have less money and time, stop at the historical museum at narvavägen / linnegatan passing there with bus 67



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