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2015`s most important words according to me were ”refugies welcome” and a very good article was written by anne marie slaughter from usa saying ” build cities, not refugy-camps” . with those words in mind I took my little trip . passing stockholms most welltodo upperclass-quarter it was kind of difficult to get this stuff together. but coincidences of things to pick up might help me. so I met liban from somalia, a busdriver-colleague who is always happy to see me. he has family, a jobb and a place  to live, maybe not right in östermalm, maybe not with the clothes that princess victoria or madeleine can buy at karlavägen.

me myself got a job in the city after having been unemployed on the northgerman countryside which makes me off course fancy the city as the place for future visions, which off course should contain refugies as the citizens of the next generation.

but optimism is a must for the individual as much as for the politicians.

many of the newcomers unfortunately find themselves in waiting position :

waiting for residency, housing, working permit .

and politicians and administration here in  sweden are hopefully doing their best for refugies and immigrants, yet problems are in the future in creating social structures , sustainible structures. new cities have to be built. cities that are connecting instead of segregating. being meeting-crossings of housing, working, education.


city-library , stadsbibliotheket, on map3-cruising , is just one of corner pillars of citizenship and integration, its a cathedral of knowledge , constructed of gunnar asplund in 1922, a rare piece of architecture ; and its free for everybody, swedes, non-swedes, new-swedes .

thats a part I like about sweden.

karlavägen represents the input of the upper class, even the gentry, nobility. if you cut off all the shit that royalty, church, capitalists have done on the account of suppression and exploitation , cook it down to a certain essence …you might find a creativity , a will to design Beauty also . in architecture, clothes, handicraft, household raffinement. something to long for … something to want to HAVE for yourself,  something  , SOME THING, that could make you happy. and yes, its things that make you happy. strange as that.

but ideas also do. the idea of a perfect society. cities are the modell … though countryside also is … you see we are in the middle of a conversation that could be happened in the episode called romantic. is it beethovens synphony with the sheppards and the pathos of revolution still ?   sorry I entangled into the past.

which is part of the discours.

getting off att nytorgsgatan , waiting for another 67 bus I stood there with those well-to-do upper-class fellows and realized that an elder man, well clothed, had a newspaper about the stockholm-homeless in his hands.  yeah well…not all of them are well scum ?

on karlavägen you can visit fancy karlacafe` or the very small ”lilla p”. in a backstreet of karlaplan just 100m from there you find a sushirestaurant with just two tables  …

karlaplan is star-formed like the place d`etoile in paris .

bus 67 then goes down narvavägen  (called after the battle of narva which sweden won , there is no poltavavägen because the battle of poltava was lost and ended swedens time as a super-power in the 18th century ) . the historical museum lies on narvavägen and its very wort seeing . it contains prehistorical ages, the vikings, stockholms town-history and national history. its modern, which means easy to understand and easy to pick stuff and grip some meaning.

at the stop strandvägen you change to bus 69 signed blockhusudden.

from here the journey changes from urban to rural. its the nationalpark ”djurgården”. the former royal huntingground is now partly protected nature, partly shaped historical landscape, partly public park. there are bird reservates, horsetrails, grazing-meadows, mansions, footwalks along the coastline into the greenary, there a beautifully situated restaurant at djurgårdsbron, the small bridge over the canal. the inner and outer architecture has a kind of cool elegance und generosity. its not cheap but worth it. i once happened to have the chef de cuisine and owner on my bus, very nice young fellow . at blockhusudden the bus turns and there is a summercafe` . there is also a boatstop at the busstop thielska galleriet. you could go back to the citycenter from here, your 24hour ticket is valid. thielska galleriet is an art museum on top of the hill in a kind of rich-mans castle-like building once owned of an industrial pioneer called Thiel. he let build a railway-line but went bankrupt later.

houses from late 19th beginning 20th century with characteristic ”burspråk” a kind of inner balcony with light from 3 sides

advertisement event on karlavägen. its for a shop of only frozen food

djurgården the former royal hunting grounds became the worlds first nationalpark within city-borders. the painted map though is another part of the park than that we now pass with bus 69 till blockhusudde (bus 69K  goes only to the tv-tower)

DGB-BHU  djurgårdsbunn

half the way at the small bridge over the canal a fine garden restaurant preparing for the summersun (in about 4 months )


technical museum, very widespread exhibitions about swedens old and new technic

the above 2 pictures show djurgårdsbron where you change busses 67 and 69


since map 3 goes out east and west from the center odenplan , odenplan will be most probably a changing-bus-place . therefore here are some hints and recommendations for strolling around odenplan. 500m south of odenplan you find vasapark and dalagatan. dalagatan between odengatan and sabbatsbergs hospital has become a fine urban site. at the crossing you have tennstopet , a fine traditional swedish restaurant that has kept the style inspite of modern trends, be them now good or bad. the service-personal is kind and attentive. the restaurant is on middle-range pricelevel but its okay just to take a beer or a coke.   another traditional cafe is ritorno , just 5o m longer down odengatan. dalagatan`s left side has musslan as a newcomer with dj-music , a traveller center and hostel, ”faber” clothes and home-accessoires, the brunch club, and the pub ”hemma” . right side newly built houses with an alimentary store, toy store and the modern coffee-chaines like espresso-coffee house.

between dalagatan and odenplan there is ”kina muren” a chinese restaurant which you can look into a little bit from the outside . from the colour-design and reasonable prices on lunch-buffee` it could be worth testing.

moving on odengatan north towards sveavägen you have hardrockcafee and metropolpalais two typical ”salonger” that is a Stockholm traditional its the combination of quite elegant restaurant and high class music or dance-entertainment .

other side sveavägen you find some hirschenkeller, 08, dovas pubs , but since sveavägen is 4-track highly traficated street/road, it misses the old urban charm.

a charming urban site you actually have on roslagsgatan , which you find continuing on odengatan northly. on roslagsgatan towards left you find newly opened gnarley burger , just one example of the mighty upcoming updated fastfood and burger-restaurants who also serve beer and wine . about 700m longer west in rlg you find the pub norrport which is a surviver from the 70ties as a pub, retaurant with lifemusic on thu,fri,sat, jazz and rock, the place being little charmingly sloppy with the furnitering , walls, light and decoration. and I guess run by the same owners over decennier.

another side street ending on odengatan is Luntmakargatan and near there you have cafee facille, a french restaurant with still reasonable prices. booking a table might be necessary because it is always fullsatt.

I might have mentionend before that odenplan-area is full of antique- and second-hand shops for example norrtullgatan upp towards cafee balsac, which is also a prize-winning meetingplace of students and people from the quarter, students, hipsters, normals, kids and parents.

CONTINUING THE CRUISE FROM ODP odenplan to MMT moa martinsssons torg AND BACK

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