there was a competition by the newspaper dagens nyheter about the best restaurants, pubs, bistros in Stockholm. these are the winners in the budget-category


look for this libanese restaurant between sveavägen and luntmakargatan

as a hostel-tourist in stockholm you cannot expect cruising the city and combine it with visiting a nice restaurant. at dinnertime in the evening. restaurants are pricy at dinnertime 250,-kr). on weekdays most of them have lunch-offers for about 85kr.  but there are quite a lot of alternatives in cruising. there are for example some hamburger-places with surprising locations and views (for example att SLU slussen). there  are popping up new sushi- , wok- , noodle-, dumpling, kebab- pizza-places at nearly every cross-point. some of these places are upgrading, becoming a mix of  fast-food kitchen and small corner-bistro-restaurant. then there are these trendy coffeeshops where people just take a latte but sit for hours with their laptops , books or magazins or having some office- or business-meeting, like for example espresso-coffee house on vasagatan or sandys on sveavägen on the backsite of the concert-hall.  are you out at a very odd time or need to step away from it all you may even find a 7-eleven that has tables and chairs like the one at hakberget , bus 56 final-destination.  there are increasing numbers of low-price pubs where you can have a beer for 30kr like lion-bar /08 at fridhemsplan, FHP, dovas at hantverkargatan (that closed down again ) bus 52s stop” landstingshuset”,  or lion-bar at sveavägen.. the concept of those is: not waste a single crown for renewing the interior, keep everything as it was, just have more football-tv-screens and just higher the outcast-volume of beer. quite far away from a homy, cosy pub. in lucky cases the old interior was not as bad as in the most former swedish pubs with their squary train-compartment-style interior.

lion-bar at Sveavägen has just changed the outdoor-place into a horrible boxing-square.

lion-bar at Hornstull (map1) quite ok.

dovas at Hornsgatan near bysistorg also ok. it changed name to kloster after ownership-change.

Charlies quite close to that , oldfashioned interior and cheap bear at earlier times.  update:

Charlies is no more it now it is dovas too now, boring interior but cheap beer.

news from Fridhemsplan FHP : near the little  sausage- and kebab stand a coffeehouse by george has newly openend with relaxed seating, view and music.  laptop-Place !

and around the corner at Fridhemsgatan there a new very Clean and light sushi ”yoku sushi” with special offers between 14h and 15.30

coffeehouse by george , Fridhemsplan FHP, drottningholmsvägen is no more coffeehouse , now very boring interior . not like picture above

franchising chain ”CIAO CIAO” has nice interiors , good italian food , not too high prices for wine .   I only tested ciao ciao where bus 3 passes by near vita berg , name street nytorgsgatan . very nice quarter around nytorg and skanegatan

there is one more ciao ciao near fridhemsplan at hantverkargatan

and one at östermalm sibyllegatan , take bus 1 to nybrogatan or bus 54 to karlavägen


news october 2013

the noisy, scrappy Fridhemsplan area has been popping up with some ever-new tryings of as well little uppgraded places as places in the low-price beer category.

at fridhemsgatan a not-functioning wafers-Place became a sushi-place. right now they have sushi-lunch for 39 krona. the neighbour scubby beer-hall is trying with dumping beer for 19 krona (0,4l) . at the Drottningholmsvägen-side there is a newly-openend coffeehouse-by-george with a nice breakfeast-offer for 29 krona. it will go up in price as soon as the place has become more popular. its a nice generous place , laid back, calm , darkly furbished and gives exactly the distance yet insight towards Fridhemsplan. laptopplace too.

saucage-kiosk right in front.



the cheapest kaffe o bulle you find at hantverkargatan near crossing st.eriksgata at the ICA shup, 10 krona. both the coffee and the baking are horrible , but you can sit very charmingly in the window !  (the house will be taken Town in about some time ….)

ciao ciao has become a nice restaurant chane

hirschenkeller and retro still number one in good prices for beer and wine and mediate food

good thai and sushi just where you can find it

this little coffeecorner in a shop at hantverkargatan is no more. house has been taken down

middlerange yet nice are : vapiano, stockholm-tapas and caliente.  most of them opening at dinnertime.

cafe facille, luntmakargatan near odengatan bus 4, 42, 72, 2, stop stadsbiblioteket . french restaurant in a glassy environment. reasonable prices, opens dinnertime, check if you need to book a table or can just drop in.

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