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I just come from Gdansk, stayed at piwna street and here I can now recommend two places.  restaurant red door ,  a former house of a very rich hanse merchant, it is 6,5m high up to the ceiling with for the time being enormously high windows. the interior is stylish oldfashioned elegant but not overluxury.

bistroclub jozef k , its a beischlag stairs up . its old livingroom style interior on two stores, many furnitures , lamps, tables doors from middle of 2oth century.  music on weekends


1944 the free hansatown Danzig was bombed to the very ground . 7o years later it is back in all its beauty . the athmosphere of the old town is back . take a walk , see for yourself , meet charming people, tourists as well as inhabitants ?one of my favourite places, the Gdansk bowke. bowke means boy. its along the waterside, bear and herring is good, service very friendly.

Picture down below shows the LOFT, a pub atMlynska-street 14, very off road in a dead-end-street – backyard. at one-o-Clock I was renting a bicycle there and at 6 -o-Clock I met nice people in front there doing a percussion-event on improvised instruments to promote a vernissage of a local painter ”carol”.

Telephone for bike-hyring : 0048 503 714 073


danzig 13.3.14 031

Danzig 9.4.2014    a unique pub with often local Life-Music is ”duszek” if go along the waterfront it is through a valve , and then about 5o meters.

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  1. gdansk is not a city for citybuscrui.se . just like Lübeck you better take a walk. public transport is not supporting the viewover. you better keep on Walking. Lech Walesa from solidarnosc is present all over and in the old Town, proudly marbled, you find friendly pubs where people really meet.

  2. the proud city of gdansk/danzig . was in the middle-ages only to be compared with venice. side-by-side with Lübeck, the power-centre of the allmighty trade union ”Die Hanse” ruling over the baltic-sea.
    danzig/Gdansk was a Freetown with german poulation and was totally destroyed in worldwar 2. it then became minutely rebuilt after. which even led to a great sense of architectural-side-step creativity like here in zoppot , the beach-suburb of Gdansk.

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