find your way to the green lung of bangkok

to go to bang kachao:

take bts skytrain to saladaeng.

take out and walk 500m on the walkway on the medium level towards north. find bus 4 towards south. go untill the final destination. walk into the gateway towards wat klong, the tempel by the water thoe. continue towards the river. get a ticket for 10 bhat . move over the river . either its the very tiny boat or its the little bit bigger boat that touches two places on the other side . find M-bike . if its the small boat you will hit it right at the pier . you can rent a bycicle for 6o bhat ; show your passport or give a hotel-adress.  you will also get a sketch of the semi-island , which is very usefull because names are in english . the island is a marsh-island, meaning an overfloading area. if not cultivated it is mangrove djungel . a warran may cross your cycle-way . kachao has an island-feeling and the people are much more local minded than the people in bangkok. they do have ecological projects, growing fruit and bycicle tourism. you can find hotels on water.

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