find your way to the green lung of bangkok

to go to bang kachao:

take bts skytrain to saladaeng.

take out and walk 500m on the walkway on the medium level towards north. find bus 4 towards south. go untill the final destination. walk into the gateway towards wat klong, the tempel by the water thoe. continue towards the river. get a ticket for 10 bhat . move over the river . either its the very tiny boat or its the little bit bigger boat that touches two places on the other side . find M-bike . if its the small boat you will hit it right at the pier . you can rent a bycicle for 6o bhat ; show your passport or give a hotel-adress.  you will also get a sketch of the semi-island , which is very usefull because names are in english . the island is a marsh-island, meaning an overfloading area. if not cultivated it is mangrove djungel . a warran may cross your cycle-way . kachao has an island-feeling and the people are much more local minded than the people in bangkok. they do have ecological projects, growing fruit and bycicle tourism. you can find hotels on water.

nationalmuseet stockholm

nationalmuseum reopened.

2 billion crowns invested in the building from 1866, containing the most fine art.

Daylight reinvited.

museum containes art from renaissance,  swedish national style, the dutch painters. you can spend half a day there and be filled up of european art .

and if you want to compare with asia , just move on 10 minutes to the east-asian museum . both are on busline 65 which i can generally recommend.

and both museums are for free.

thats the way I contribute as a Swedish taxpayer

and unfortunately this is no longer tru . the new communal steering which is blue/green with reinstall entrance fees .

good club in bangkok

bangkok sukhumvit rd , soi 11.

after getting pissed off of the neon, flashlight, gogo dancer , glitter-plastic-styled show dolls at A-loft and insanity I found the havanna social club . ( turn right and left after insanity) . crowded place , super live music, people dancing on the narrow floors.  upper floor , mediterrean architecture. cosy, nice but little stressed service.