by uppdating to wordpress 5.1.1. my bankok-page and streetart page disappeared very unfortunately . at the same time it seems now impossible to insert Pictures into the sides .

so untill I can find the reason of the problem and the destruction I will use the blogg-side, the opening-side not only for actuell information but also for mapping and showing mostly Bangkok.

the information about other cities and themes ist mostly still there if you just click on the rubrique on the upper horizontal bar .

healthy and sweating in bangkok

besides of all the problems Bangkok has ( noise, trafickjams, gentrification, real-estate-speculation ) she is yet inventing herself all the time .

implementing a sporty thing from sweden ” friskis and svetties”  , healthy and sweatty .

a ”gogo-girl ” on the pedestal and 50 other persons ”copyieng” to the sound of pumpy Music for an hour . its all for free, no advertise, and its taking Place between the skytrain (BTS) station saphan taxin and the sathorn river pier .  and it is 6 p.m.

join it ! if you are a lady.

or the first man .