bangkok explore by the river and more


start Bangkok with a boat trip on public transport at sathorn pier ( BTS skytrain saphan taxin ) take a day trip ticket for about 180 bhat and with it you get a boklet about all the stops and the surroundings .

from iconsiam you can take a cross-ferry-boat to the other side and there you can try to find harmonique , one of thailands 10 best restaurants .

I call it the house of spirits .

the athmoshere is great , it is family-owned in 150 years and the best time to come is when there is still daylight .

Worth seeing ICONSIAM, wat arun, phraya athrit .

the last stop of the blue line is phraya athrit where you go through a narrow selling-tunnel . on the road you come out to turn right , about 300m , cross the road and dive into the very nice quarter with small street .

from iconsiam yoy go on with the touristline (blue line, public transport) to wat arun , very touristified temple complex . if you are a spirituell searcher look for wat janawa instead , whoich is at Charoen khrung road near saphan taxin.

there is a very nice pagoda-restaurant under a huge tree at the corner and there is a small bookshop furtheron .

if you are looking for adventure : find the khlong sansaeb ( its about an hour walk on sumen road , fortification, and boat – pier on the Canal .)

there are speedboats of public transport ( 15 bhat) .

now I try to write about ban kachao, the green lung of Bangkok, a semi-island

this is one of the small boats to bangkachao

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  1. you can buy a day-ticket for the tourist-boats of communal transports at sathorn-pier . costs about 18o bhat . thats about 6 euro. you get a booklet with maps and pictures included.. do not take the commercial boats , overprized.

  2. its very luxurious and yet homy , the inside is a huge 3 dimensionell Picture of Thailand . prices on the outer terasse are unexpectedly moderate and I had the best coffeee in the World in a double-glass-cup . now I am talking about Icon siam.

    now sorry it maybe confusing with the order of the Pictures .
    its all the fault of the new wordpress version.

    I talk about 3 different things here : Icon siam, the house of spirits and the the semi-Island bang-kachao

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