”asiatique” : exclusive asian clothes

turnable thai-skirt

presnted at ”lov-italy”



”asiatique”  is a collection of unique clothes from asia .

I want to sell them one by one and I garantee that you will never ever find one of the same kind.

I am gratefull to the spontaneous people from thailand who modelled and expressed their personalities . 

the size is uni-size which will be Small-Medium ( 38-40 ) according to european standards.

the material is either viiskose, cotton or kunstseide.

every cloth costs 5o euro plus freight by post .

you can send me email :  jurgen_braskamp@yahoo.com

or sms to  0046 73 59 33 231


ladydress ”rose” plus tanga ”transparent flowers” . the dress has a stretch-band in the taille. size s-m . the top  is a lot transparent plastic and does not belong to the dress originally. I just added it as a decoration-suggestion

thai-lady-dress ”titaree” presented by Titaree

it is 110cm long plus 20cm of the shoulder-bands

lagy-dress ”Titaree” produced in thailand . presented by Nali. the white embroideri (crochetes) give it a folcloric touch. size is unisize.

”nali” presenterad by Nali

 ”pim” is a  ”mini-dress”









vändbar thai skjol

turnable thai skirt

from turquoise to olive

presented at lovitaly of one of the spontaneous servitrices


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