opening times for a mystic bath


not if you really wanna go there …

just wait   : 5 – 8.30 pm  .  ladies : monday and thursday   , gentlemen tuesday and friday and sunday .  adress svartmannagatan 22

opening times gonna come here

strolling in stockholm you might find something

just as in bangkok

strolling around in the old town of stockholm … you might find something,



sorry , later , got them in me phone

stockholm findings

I had a date with me daughter in stockholm. while I was on the way from södertälje . takes 1 and a half our . times are different between bangkok and sweden . in sweden its the geographical distance in bangkok its the traffic jam . I had to hang in stockholm old town cause she got a date.  I hung about lion bar with the cheap bear but it was closed . went down to old town. went to the old spooky place which is an old bath. checked the entrance times. went down the stairs. it says ladies to the right and to the left . but gimme a break, entrance times are for man and women ! check that out will you ! the place is magic , costs 60 krowns and if you ever happen to be on right time … go there .