linje 1

from fridhemsplan towards stora essinge :

lilla essinga and storaessinge are rocky islands . stora essengen has nice ”village center” with  several pizzerias, sushi, cafe .

lilla essinge is the most inhabitant-tight island in sweden . back to fridhemsplan you have a good sushi/thai restaurant called ”YOKU SUSHI” and at st.eriks gatan you have hirschenkeller and retro for cheap beer and wine . bus 1 goes then down fleminggatan . at the left you have caliente , a spanish restaurant middle priced but good athmoshere .  at kungsbroplan you have primo deli, ciao ciao .

at the stop cityterminalen there is ”fasching” a newly renovated but traditional jazz, blues, sometimes r&b place .  check the timetable in the window

busline 50

bus 50 i highly recommend between last stop and last stop between hornsberg , moa marinssons torg, and lektorstigen. guide from lektorstigen/stora lappkärsberg towards moa martinssons torg : lektorstigen near university is nice nature for a walk around a lake or towards an animal-yard called H 4 gård. going by bus then towards MMT you pass nature-historical museum which has free entrance . roslagsgatan is an urban milieu of the old type with many small shops, bistroes, pubs, coffeebars , pizzerias.

then stadsbibliothek, you can go in for free and be impressed of gunnar asplunds architekture. then odenplan : go up norrtullsgatan to the very popular cafe and bistro pascal. opposite you have ”myrorna” a big non profit second hand boutique .  at dalagatan at the stop sabbatsbergs-sjukhus you can take off to visit stockholms right now most poular place the ”brunch-club” .  5o then goes down to centralstation, then passes the famous city-hall  . city-hall you can visit with guided tours which cost. but its worth it . you pass through hantverkargatan (street of the handymen ), come to fridhemsplan which right now is under contruction. round FHP there are some places with cheap bear and wine .  50 then goes down to the water, part of mälar-lake . at moa martinssons torg you find a nice and fancy ”strand-walk” with all kinds of restaurants and bistroes . even a cheap ”subway” .    summertime you can bath.

pseudo thai

Tried to hitch a ride into town, södertälje. bus had just gone for the next 30minutes. had my best clothes on . pssy weather, dark . no one stopped . just like 40 years ago when we tried to hitchhike from trelleborg and after one day gave it up. whats wrong with the swedes ? tried to console my heart by checking into a thai-restaurant . man behind the counter definitely not thai . interior : like bad secondhand. charmfactor zero. no flowers no small altars . big wineglass , less then halffull for the full price . let me mention that the restaurant was empty. and will be . next trial , an `”irish pub” . i would like a karaffe white wine . we have no only half bottle. how much ? 215 crowns, 21 euro. bye bye .

back home me found a nice blogg, discoverer11. a german from schwaben reporting about bangkok and thailand. the friendlyness, the hospitality. he is staying sometimes with guest-families. that was an inspiration. shall do that next time in thailand.