bangkok river and bustrip for one dollar

Bangkok- river and bus -trip for one dollar

saphan taksin is the boatstation for public watertransport

avoid the commercial sellers all around , go to the glass-ticket-office of chao paya river.

buy a ticket to praya artit (spelling ?)

if you buy a day-ticket you also get a booklet with valuable information

phaua artit is the last station

get off and happen to find yourself in a kind of selling tunnel until you get to the bigger street

turn right and find bus 15 which also passes saphan taksin  on your journey back to there.

or go over to the small walking street on the other side and explore that pittoresque quarter . even a bookshop after a left and right turn

this can be a whole day experience


bus nr 2 restaurants alongside

it`s christmas and calm, I just drove bus nr 2 and saw some small interesting foodplaces.

bus 2 goes from norrtull till sophia , takes ca 45 minutes one direction .

starting from norrtull:

nortull: LIBANON meza / grill : very small square, cheap  .

besides : pronto italien restaurant

slussen: thai chain-restaurant with seats in the bended window. find it by moving towards right , hornsgatan

ersta sjukhus: prime . other side: go up , find the sjukhus=hospital, they have a hospital-restaurant which is open to the public and has the greatest view in stockholm !

erstagatan: walk further to a small thai-food kiosk at the foot of the white mountain , vita berg