new prices , new recommendations in stockholms publik transports SL

forgett everything I wrote before.

now: the zone-system has been taken away . but the price for a single ticket or period-         ticket has been raised .

now you can go with a single ticket, paper or plastic-card (reskassa) from Arlanda airport into Stockholm for 30 crowns / student 20 crowns. you will have to purchase that at a sailspoint at Arlanda, ask at the airport information desk.  you will have to take a bus 583 to Märsta and from there the commuter-train (SJ) . there is only one train there because its the last stop.

it could be worth thinking about your travelling in Stockholm right at the airport because there are 3 considerable choices :

the 24 hour ticker, the 72 hour ticket and the reskassa

24 hours  120kr fullprice / 8okr students people up to 19 years, and over 65 , as a student you might show your student card , ( to look very faded may function after seven drunken nights ).  this purchse would get you into town and offer an introduction to the city next day.

72 hours is for the price of two days  240kr / 160kr  so that is the best I think

it includes travelling in all Stockholm and surrounding, busses, metro, commutertrains, several boats

now RESKASSA: you can buy a plasticcard that is called ACCESS for 20 crowns.  you buy that only once and leaving Stockholm you can give it away to some other fellow traveller at the hostel  . that card you can load with at least 100 crowns  at certain places , in shops that sell SL-tickets in the SL infocentres, in the metro-entrances and in the offices of the trains. you can also load it up at the ACCESS machines in several metro stations (tunnelbana).

now entering a bus or metro etc. you place this card on the cardreader and a single journey for 30 kr or 20 kr (reduced) will be taken. on the display in the busses you can see how much money you still have on the card . in the metro you will have to ask the person the glasscase.

now from that first the time is saved and you get 75 minutes in which you can change to all other publictransport unit back and forth . observe : it is not 75 minutes travelling time, it can be much more !  if you change in minute 74 and that trafick-unit then takes another 30 minutes to your destination , your single ticket is valid unto there.

so have a nice travel.

ps. if you run short of money you can talk to the busdriver and say ” I am a student, I would like to have a reduced single-travel ”     might work

I forgott to say that there are some trams and trains worth taking

nockebybanan from alby

saltsjöbanan from slussen

roslagsbanan from östra station  / kth


temperature record in stockholm 26.march

it was a summer-day today in stockholm.

when it should be frost and snow.

there have been some new interesting places at hantverkargatan like t.ex koppar. and just another burgarrestaurant.  i think its cald prime burger.

the new trend with burgarrestaurants is that you can have food at reasonable price and beer or wine. or maybe only the latter.

some concept is the chain ”hirschenkeller” where you can choose comparitively low price beer and maybe eat something soggy or not .

I will get back on that subject because dagens nyheter, best daily newspaper has made a research and price-contest about that.


let me see , best suggestion for you hostelling on kungsholm

living at fridhemsplan, hantverkargatan, fleminggatan ?

its bus bus 50

it will take you to the waterfront , direction Hornsberg with a good choice of nice places to eat. it will take you to city-hall, then further to the city library, stadsbibliotheket, then through nice Roslagsgatan, then to university and the museum of natural history, naturhistoriska meseet , entrance free to the terminal station, lektorstigen, from where you can take a walk through the forests and get to a horse-yard  and a place with animals and a small cafee.

4H gård is the name..

you just take off at the terminal-station, take over the road into the forest and go a forest-walk around the small lake in a right hand turn


best stuff right now ?

Stockholm is really cool now. the nature and the architectural style is amazing. most of the museums are for free now. to find a place to live , means an apartment, is impossible now. like in Hamburg or London. unlike yet as in berlin or Gdansk or Lübeck. cheap beer is available at place where youngsters meet . lions, dovas, hirschenkeller, retro.  sushi, thai, pizza,, kebab etc is around the corner. the vibrant place now is Hornstull but check out more calling up keewords on the net.

the cultural mile to walk is Hornsgatan between slussen and Hornstull.

you find the events friday , saturday and the usual everydaylife for the rest of the week if you go the mile

thank you folks for all your support and appriciation.

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