musicpub ”duszek” in gdansk closed, ”josef k.” an alternative to go

the most charming and originell lokalfolk – pub is no more. the hosts were an elder couple and the beer was very cheap. I guess the Place neede renovation and the Money was not there for it  ….

duszek is also the last stop in my Gdansk walkabout.  it will be more difficult now to get a sense of the old Danzig .

”josef k.”  at piwna street at the t-crossing,  offers a milieu that blends in the 6o-ees in poland in its shaping of the 2 store-inner room, light-setting , steel stair-cases .  discrete  non-mainstream Music . dj`s sometimes

may I mention CYK also at piwna street and pijalnya att a sidestreet of piwna




thursday jazz in the pub norrport

norrport is one of the few remaining quarter-pubs in inner stockholm. 60/70ees style, little charming sloppy , little darkel, little square furnitering, pieces of bad art or common stuff on the walls, same owners for a longtime.

starts 20h, be in time its often crowded, Roslagsgatan near Odengatan is a charming urban mile with Little traffic and small shops on both sides.

Roslagsgatan 38, bus 4 Roslagsgatan or 50 surbrunnsgatan