I still have not found out how I can mail back to the commentors. when I fill in the given mail-adress I get a failure notice . so , if you really wanna get through send me a mail : . then I also got indications of dissapointed commentors who could not post their elaborte comments . sorry, there is a flaw in the wordpress programm . comment via my private mailadress !

also some valuable contacts were put into my trash-box though they were not trash. thats the price for having an anti-spam-programm .  Before I had that I was overflooded with advertisement and shit.

stockholm museums for free 2016 from 1.febr.

from 1.february 2016 its free in most of stockholms central museums :

armeemuseum busstop nybroplan bus 54

etnografiska museet bus 69 museiparken

hallwylska museet busstop nybroplan 54, 69

historiska museet  bus 67 historiska museet

livrustkammaren, Royal castle bus 2, 55 slottsbacken

medelhavsmuseet , bus 3 , 53, tegelbacken

moderna museet , bus 65

nationalmuseet , bus 65 (closed for restoration)

naturhistoriska museet, bus 50

östasiatiska museet , bus 65