under the impression of terror

many people in Scandinavia are shocked by the shootings of Copenhagen and Paris.and many people joined in the streets and squares and lit their torches together. on a small church-backyard in Stockholm there sits a statue .

looks like jesus , open for meditation .

if jesus can do it , why cannot we practise some tolerance between religions and maybe see something behind them that are common human values ?

you can go to an open church in Stockholm, be silent, lite a candle too.     whensoever



charming not appropriate

”what a nice weather we got…. ”

its risky to to try to be charming, talkative or polite to a stockholmian.

(exemption is if you are a tourist or if you do it to an elderly person )


nevertheless its becoming more and more common to bump into each other for example by not letting people exit first from subway-doors.

bad habbit, not common in many other Capitals !

stadsvandringar at bonniers konstmuseum

bonniers is swedens biggest editor for newspapers and books. it is situated at thorsgatan, a yellow-brick-building near st.eriks plan . ( bus 3,4, 77. 42, 72) .

it has an art-exhibition-space which is free of entry since shortly.

right now its opening an exhibition about cities, cities`faces, cities`pulses .

isnt that a great theme for just citybuscrui.se ?

it is called stadsvandringar , citywalks.

complementing isnt it ?