free music in pubs

wednesday 14th january ”coco transistor” at bar brooklyn , hornstulls strand 4, 18h-1h , bus 40, 4, to hornstull

thursday 15th january, soprano meets clarinet, restaurant norrport, roslagsgatan 38, 20h   ,  bus 53 or 4.

wednesday 21.jan, restaurant/pub ”le pot” ,Karlbergsvägen 52, ”los Pajazzos” bluesevening, 20.00 , bus 4, 3, 72 to st.eriksplan

thursday 22.jan restaurant/pub ”norrport” Roslagsgatan 38, 20.00 : ”Swedish Allstars swing” , bus 53, bus 4 to Roslagsgatan


gdansk in winter

I sit in my nice hotel artus in gdansk . its snowing and blowing.

but everything here is just within 10 minutes walking-distance.

this is how cities should be built.   at the pub pijalny I met a polish boy working in mannheim and he invited me for beer. that would be impossible in stockholm because of the prices.

at hilton hotel I checked in just for swimming and the hot sauna and the phantastic view from the 5th floor – balcony .   it costs 15o zl thats 35 euro but its worth it.   you can spend the whole day untill 22h there and towels are included. from 4 o clock pm the bar is open.

I now try to load up a walkabout for Gdansk. it is ready on paper and I am very convinced of it.  but due to technical problems I dont get it filled in the way I want to.

the history of Gdansk/Danzig and poland is really worth to be discovered !