melancholy baltic-cruising for 11 euro

sitting on huge boat  silja/tallink  ”galaxy”  in joes pub. its sunday evening. bought a 24 hour cruising for 11 euro . low,low season. got my own hut (!) . you take bus 1 to gärdet and walk over to the terminal. boat goes 19.30 (inch.19.00). then the idea is that you should consume as much as possible for food, taxfree … well I had a beer and a jägermeister. Little later a chicken-sallad.  70kr/66kr . all quite ok. there is music here and there, but I was so tired that I went to bed at 11pm and slept for 13 hours. next day we had strongwind and the boat was rocking. at the nearly empty cafeteria there came in some half-dead bent people from yesterdays firma-party. sorry to say, that made me feel fresh and I am going to take a sauna now …  met a nice guy from malmö there. at the ferry-boat-terminals exit there were those pirat-taxis and I tried to warn some tourists for them, some who just were entering a taxi with a sign 999,- when it ordinarily should be about 325,-  . I took bus 76 to nybroplan and had a beer at the music-museum and the bistro-cafe without a name which is like a bavarian beer restaurant inside.


check those places because they use to have free entry apart from the dates given further down

saturday 6.dec. free entry:

Belfast goes Stockholm ,at Barbro, Hornstulls strand 13, 2oh-1h, bus 40,66,4 to hornstull

calexico , debaser, Hornstulls strand 4,  21h –  , bus 4, 40, 66 to hornstull

clubb 1200 , Bergsunds strand 38, 21h – , bus 4,40,66 to hornstull

”Som Waits”, Norrport, Roslagsgatan 38, 2oh, bus 4, 42, 72, 2, to roslagsgatan

tuesday, coco transistor at Barbro,hornstulls strand 13 ,  2oh   , s.a.

wednesday, coco transistor at Mosebacke etablissement, Mosebacke torg 1, 21-  , bus 2, 3, 43, 53 to slussen