rene descarte , cartesius, murdered in stockholm

if you visit adolph frederiks kyrkan, the curch, sveavägen, metro hötorget,

thats quite.  a crosspoint. on the graveyard you find olov palme,  murdered on the other side of the street . murderer(s) still unknown.

inside the church you find a sculpture about cartesius.  donated by king gustav III. showing descarte as an angel against all the lies over the world.

descarte was murdered by poison by the catholic church (check report on DER SPIEGEL) and in his diary he was conscious about it… since the church wanted to close down his philosophic teaching on queen kristina.  kristina then turned catholic and went to rome. creating big scandal in sweden for that, but little awareness was turned to the murder of the centuries biggest scientist.

rainy day

rainy day today. tuesday 26.aug. what would I do in Stockholm now ? if I hadnt been theree many times Before I would go to the technical museum. bus 69. but since I have done so I would go to a swimming-hall. they Always do have the sauna, the hot sweating room which is of no extra cost. its separated men and women. there is a bath at resonable cost at medborgarplatsen . its in the yellow building called medborgarhuset, its called forsgrännska badet.  take the metro to medborgarplatsen or bus 59 .