the only way to cope with the modernistic and failing kind of city-building is to move out to some kind of suburbs. which have no other functions than to sleep there for next time work in the real centres. if you are lucky you find, at least in sweden an apartment with nice nature around. but you are cut away from culture, meetings , exchanges. because you are busy making your way to cross the big gaps ! as shown in picture

the name of this alley is ”nothing-alley” and its worth its name. its lying in a segregated quite near centre-quarter. its boring in itself and has no urban life . so it has to parasite on the rests of stockholms urban crossings by linking via bus or metro or taxi.  nevertheless an apartment of 70qm would cost euro which would entangle a couple  into a bankloan for the rest of their life (and let the bank be the only winner). is it worth it ?  but missing other visions of urban life with natural market- and meetingplaces people might just bite in the sour apple …

antique and second-hand

the given alternative to high-price shopping or buy-and-cast products is the second-hand paradise that stockholm offers  . the shops are little offside , its just to find them, not least by cruising.some of them are run by wellfare organisations, stadtsmission, red cross, emmaus, myrorna ; some of them are private . for example round FHP, Fridhemsplan, you find one at hantverkargatan, one at fleminggatan and one in the cellar on st.görans gatan. all just  5 minutes from fridhemsplan FHP.  the most rewarding area for antique and second-hand though is odenplan. odenplan is not part of the cruizing map1 or 2 and yet the square is a horrible construction-site . but in the sidestreets towards vanadisplan on one side and observatorium you can find dozens of fine old furniture-affairs and old clothes, old bookshops . my sister in law who has a vintage store in france totally freaked out.