CEN , central-station , map 1

at the upper corner of the central-station at a place called dagny you can sit outside and whatch the rush on the crossing of vasagatan, sas-radisson hotel, klarabergsviadukten. you can even take the elevator in the hotel to the sky-view-bar. recommended in summer , you dont pay for your garderobe and can use the money for a beer up there . quite a view up there.                       the bus-stops are a bit hard to find because of all the construction-word right now.  53 and 65 is down on vasagatan towards the old town, 52 is up on the bridge klarabergsviadukten. you can reach upp or down via the central-station building or find the stairs up or down in the outside. (bloody, how could I miss those fancy legs in the left-down corner ?)

citybuscrui.se , a non profit-project for public-transport-sightseeing

in the last ten years has the number of low-price hostels in stockholm gone up with 100%. its due to the low price flights of course.  what is still not harmonizing with those facts is that stockholm is a quite pricy city and also segregated quite much between the well-to-do people with money to take the friends out and those stockholmians , suburbians, that really have to think about being able to afford a trip into the inner city.  well , it seems a bit like stockholm is a feast for the tourists while imposssible to live in for the swedes that do not have the money to buy themselves an apartment. anyway I am pleased to use my profession as an inner-city-busdriver to offer some sightseeing for pocketmoney. with a single-ticket for about 20-30 crowns ( 3-4 euros) you can take a fabulous and comfortable  trip through the city, avoid the mainstream-sites  and be updated by by this webbsite if you like. this site will provide , in the process of going,   maps, route-descrriptions, pictureshows , background informations to the routes.

the site can be freely used by any freelancing guide.

folders and papermaps to be delivered to hostels , touristinformation etc. will be happening in the future.  so , have a good cruise !

HOW TO NAVIGATE ?  on the upper horizontal and black toolbar you find different choices hem=home  :  you find a list of small topics/photos from the cruising places.  uppdated constantly and there chronological.                                                                                     map one : you find the map,  crosspoints, photos and route-descritions in geographical order                                                                                                                                   map two  : dito for map two                                                                                                      story-telling map1 : you find stories, informations to every route between the crossing points , written in longer passages and without photos ,                                                         here you may find even descritions in different languages, like swedish or german               story-telling map 2  : dito

i couldnt change the rubrique . it is bus 54 now !


a quarter that has become hip. now authorities jump on that in their planning.                    for good or bad. in the middle of högalidsgatan there is now composed a glassy transparent bridge over-building.                                                                                         right now there are already plenties of fast-food-bars plus a very good chines , mr ho, and  a sybilla sausage-stand right over the water.                                                                          if you happen to have a boat you can land into a palmplants-space just under the lilljeholm-bridge . if you dont -be glad cause its pricy.